Below are links to a selection of projects on GitHub I have created. Titles link to each's github page where full descriptions and projects can be found.

This program was built to manage all of Poised engineering firm's building projects. It enables users to view existing projects, create new ones, make project amendments, and track overdue or unfinished projects. It also streamlines project finalization and invoice creation. The program utilizes a MySQL database, featuring five tables to store essential project data, including details on engineers, architects, project managers, and customers. "" serves as the program's core, ensuring seamless project management for the engineering firm.

Again this was a program to efficiently handle the building projects of Poised engineering firm, but mainly demonstrating Object Oriented Programming(OOP). Users can create new projects, adjust project due dates, update payment records, and modify contractor details. Additionally, the program simplifies project finalization and invoice generation. The core of the program is comprised of three main files: "" for program execution, "" for creating individual projects, and "" for managing the people involved in each project, including architects, contractors, and customers. 

This is a comprehensive software designed for efficient management of Nike shoe stock in a storage warehouse. This program is equipped with various essential functions, including the ability to read shoe data from an inventory text file, add new product information with details like country, product code, name, cost, and quantity, view all shoe stock in a user-friendly table format, and restock items as needed. Users can easily search for specific shoes by their code and obtain on-screen details, calculate the total value of stock per product, and identify the highest quantity item available for sale. This program streamlines inventory management, making it a valuable asset for warehousing operations.

The "Investment and Home Loan Calculator" is a versatile tool that empowers users to calculate interest on an investment or determine monthly home loan repayments. For interest calculations, users input initial investment, interest rate, investment duration, and choose between simple or compound interest, and the program yields the total amount at the end of the investment period. In the case of home loan repayment calculations, users provide the home's current value, annual interest rate, and repayment duration in months, and the calculator returns the monthly repayment amount. This software is an invaluable resource for financial planning and investment management.

The "Task Management Program" is a tool designed to help small businesses efficiently manage tasks assigned to team members. The program allows for the creation of unique usernames, and users can select specific tasks to mark as complete or edit if necessary. The program caters to both regular users, who can add tasks, view all tasks, and see their assigned tasks, and administrators, who have additional functionalities like registering new users, generating comprehensive reports for users and tasks, and displaying statistics in a clear and accessible format. This software provides a solution for optimizing task management within the organization, enhancing productivity and organization.
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